Monday, July 9, 2012

Color Your PokerStars Notes While Playing Online

Updated the PokerStars utility file, (download here Color-Stars, which requires only one batch file and one PT4 filter to color code all of your players in your database. The statistic is automatically included in the filter.

This file eliminates the need for the multiple batch files and PokerTracker filters in the previous post. The steps are greatly reduced, but the concept is the same.

You can color code players while you are playing against them, before / after sessions, or at breaks. It only takes a minute to update the players colors that you have played (or presently playing) against that day (other commercial products require that you be logged off Pokerstars).

Readme.txt file explains the purpose of each file and displays the lines of text in the filter and statistic, that gives you the ability to edit the VPIP settings for each color (see post below for color scheme).

I also use the PHD_&_Thiefs NOTE color to label all the players on the bubble or close to it, so I can follow their tables (Satellites & Tourneys).

The three PT4 filters are set up to color code your whole database (first time), within the last 7 days, or just played against "Today" (which is the fastest update). It took me over an hour to color 85K players the first time, but daily updates takes less then a minute.

Read the earlier post on how the color coding works, by only using batch files and PokerTracker filters

Step - 1:

If you can locate your PokerStars notes file (see post below), make a copy of it to another directory, and then open the file in Notepad++, you have just completed half the work involved.

Edit that Stars notes copy in Notepad++, by deleting all players names but one, or just creating a unique named player. Now Run Pokerstars and import your modified notes file (see post below) and search for the new player name you have just created.

Step - 2:

Now that you are familiar with PokerStars notes, simply import the filters into PT4 from your directory holding the extracted files.

Run the filter report and export the report results into the same directory in text called ReportExport.txt. Make sure that ALL DATES is the selected option in the Date menu, when you run your reports, to tabulate their LIFETIME stats of Today's players.

Step - 3:

Run the Create-Stars-Color-Labels batch file and it will create a file called PT4-Color-Labels.txt from your report that you exported (ReportExport.txt).

The batch file is expecting the txt files to be located on the c: drive, so edit the drive letter, copy to c: drive, or remove the drive letter, if needed

Open the file PT4-Color-Labels.txt in Notepad++ and copy the contents into your duplicate PokerStarsnotes.xml, that you already have loaded in Notepad++ (see post below). Save the file and import it into Pokerstars notes Import option.

Step - 4:

You can update your color notes anytime, and as many times that you want. I leave the files loaded in Notepad++ and just answer yes when Notepad++ asks to reload them.

After I save the notes xml copy and import it, I then select the option of UNDO to remove the previous players names and just copy and save the new players over it (from PT4-Color-Labels.txt).

Once you are comfortable importing and coloring, the option of coloring new players at your tables are done within a minute. You never have to manually color another player again (unless identifying bubble players), or log out of PokerStars to do it.

This is what your directory will look like after extracting the Color-Stars file.


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