Thursday, August 22, 2013

PSY 102 Ryerson

Women in Psychology:

With 80 percent of psychologists being women, it's the complete inverse of their gender proportion in the chiropractic profession. 

Medicine is kinda crazy in that way, dontcha think? 

"The Canadian health care system (OHIP) is free, thanks to being located / neighbouring next to a world superpower (USA!, USA!, USA!). Psychologists and chiropractors are not recognized as medical doctors, therefore are not qualified as medical billing options.

Nonetheless, waste and fraud in the Canadian health care system is rampant as in other countries; 
more so if medical records are not accessibleOHIP billings are rarely audited."

Doctor wonders why OHIP won’t cover yoga, Pilates treatments

"Dr. Awan believes, aside from a lack of research, yoga therapy is not covered under extended health benefits or on provincial plans, such as OHIP, because yoga teachers are not regulated health professionals."

Finland continues to lead the world in education rankings, and it's no coincidence that Finland requires it's teachers to complete a special five-year master's degree to teach. Making a psychology degree for new teachers in Canada and US mandatory, would be a first step in reclaiming the top positions in world education rankings. 

A psychology degree is best suited for those that want a career in teaching the elementary / high school level. The added ability to communicate to all types of students from different backgrounds, plus the "self-awareness" component that allows one to grow to become a better facilitator.

The Practical Value of Psychology to the Teacher

"Only a slight examination is required to see that for the mental sciences psychology is just as fundamental and  underlying as mathematics is for the natural sciences."

Male psychologists quickly relabel themselves as Researchers / Doctors / Scientists, dropping the psychologist tag, which probably exacerbates the recruitment / enrollment problem.

Male Scientists More Likely to Commit Research Misconduct than Females

“Not only are men committing more research misconduct,” said study co-author Dr Joan Bennett of Rutgers University. “Senior men are most likely to do so.”

The challenging task of generating an income as a psychologist can be a deterrent as well. Since research grants are usually very limited and very competitive, many extended health plans also exclude or severely limit payment billings. 

Children and adolescents are the psychologists main clientele since they eventually become "surrogate mothers" for their therapeutic needs, and are more likely to be covered by their parents extended health care plans. Government youth mental health programs are also very psychologist friendly. Adults conversely, are more skeptical and lack the required medical coverage.

"Faculty or family connections can be greatly advantageous in securing employment in this field."

Family and faculty members is still the best bet to secure a steady and stable income in the psychology field.

An intriguing research topic on what type of males are attracted to the psychology profession, and how do they equate their doctorate status to medical doctors?

Men: A growing minority?

"In other words, as salaries became stagnant and the field lost prestige, men decided to pursue other degrees and women filled the gap"

My theory is that a high percentage of male psychologists have had troubled childhoods. In their latter years (the older, the more troubled), they explored psychology literature to better understand the cause and effects. During this period, it occurred to them that combining the two into a career path was a profitable, enlightening, and a soothing experience.

What subject a male psychologist specializes in, can reveal a lot about their childhood and themselves (neglect, despair, abuse, .....), and convert them into potential crusaders.

"A short man who was picked on a as a child in grade school, may specialize his research in bullying."

Experimental psychologists employ human participants and animal subjects to study a great many topics. The risk of reaching or crossing barriers in ethics is always a concern.

University of Toronto Experimental Psychology

Top 10 Unethical Psychological Experiments

"In the zeal to learn about the human thought process and behavior, many early psychiatrists went too far with their experimentations"

Self-designation as a "doctor" is an empowering and gratifying experience, regardless of the inequities in comparison to the required training and education with medical doctors. 

What is the real difference between an MD and PhD?

"MDs are consider by many to be the "real doctors" because they can help with real medical problems."

"you say tomato I say tomahto"

"you say doctor I say doctorate"

Lax regulations and oversight in the Psychology field, combined with new part-time PhD programs, makes the title of "Dr." much more easily obtainable. Educational and certification requirements vary in the US from state to state (various state licensing boards), and in Canada from province to province (CPA). 

Canadian Psychological Association Provincial Requirements

"Recheck the credentials of the "Dr." that you eventually select  / receive. They very well could have someone trapped in a basement for all you know."

"Wheels of Fortune ?"

"Perhaps home is not a place but simply an irrevocable condition." 
— James Baldwin

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

PT4 HUD Circles Display / Backgrounds / Hero Stats / Placemint

This is the font file to download for the HUD Display Circles: PHD_$_Thiefs_HUD_Circles

Make sure to select REGULAR for font style and confirm settings after saving HUD options.

This is the format that the stats must be in to be displayed DEMO-TESTVPIP.pt4stat

If the number is at 100 % at the start of a game (VPIP 1/1), then you will get two circles for a hand or two. You can further customize the stat or make the value of 10 transparent, lighter color, or solid black (color ranges must now be 0-10 instead of 0-100 values).

Use a separate Hands stat group as they fit nicely in the player's avatar location.

Install Font:

Unzip it to a directory and open the directory c:/Windows/Fonts in a separate window. You have to copy the file over by DRAGGING the file to the Fonts directory (important). Make sure to select REGULAR for font style and confirm settings in PT4 after saving HUD options for your profile.

Testing Out Rectangles Indicating Short Stacked Players:

Testing out a font with rectangles in order to recognize short stacked players quicker and adjust accordingly.

I use different colors at the bottom of the table backgrounds to indicate type of games (SNG / Hypers /Satellite / MTT / Cash)  or their late stages ( ITM / Bubble / Short Stacked / Chip Leader). I also increased the size of the I'm Back button which displays clearly in the AHK PokerStars Stacked previewer, as mentioned below.

You can download the table background colors for NOVA Theme here: PHD_$_Thiefs Table

You can replace any of these five tables at these directory locations for the Nova Table Theme.  Use AHK scripts to automatically change the table color and background.

  • Silver.jpg  = C:\Program Files (x86)\PokerStars\gx\backgrounds
  • Red-Carpet-Nova.jpg  = C:\Program Files (x86)\PokerStars\themes\nova\green\backgrounds
  • Poker-Room.jpg   =C:\Program Files (x86)\PokerStars\themes\nova\green\backgrounds
  • Metallic-Floor-nova.jpg  =C:\Program Files (x86)\PokerStars\themes\nova\green\backgrounds
  • Nova.jpg   =C:\Program Files (x86)\PokerStars\themes\nova\green\backgrounds

Placemint Blind Sorting Format:

Using Placemint with Blind level sorting and created additional AHK scripts, to automatically color table felts and backgrounds for various game types.

Link to test / learn REGEX expressions:

Twoplustwo thread for Placemint here:   PlaceMint: Window Positioning Tool  that you can copy and use.


Editing PokerStars Card Back Colors:

This color scheme is from this thread (includes download link) from the original poster: PokerStars Card Mod

These are some of the colors that you can change your cards too. You can even use them to color code your table type, ITM, bubble, Final Table, Satellite.....

It's a simple process of downloading the UnoDeck file and extracting it to a directory.

Next, copy the deck_preview_back.png file to the directory
C:\Program Files (x86)\PokerStars\gx\chips&deck\deck\preview

Then copy the three remaining files (medback.png, smback.png, back.png) to the directory
 C:\Program Files (x86)\PokerStars\gx\chips&deck\deck\default

Now start up PokerStars and select the card back colors of your choice.

SNG Opener Stars Filtered SNG Opener

Works great for multi-tabling. I only use version SFSO_4.01a and have had zero problems.

Here is the link:

Here is the forum thread: AHK script:Stars Filtered SNG Opener


T-Clock 2010 Alarm / Timer / Launch Menu:

Great free utility that you can easily set up reminders (alarms) for registration and adjust the size of your windows clock (including seconds). Other useful features included and you can download the clock here T-Clock


Mirror HUD

PokerTracker vs Hero Stats:

These custom stats display all of Hero's attempted steals and steal opportunities that Villain was seated at the same table (Mirror Villain's HUD). Hero Positions include the SB, BTN, CO and HJ positions, with specific vs Hero stats that Villain was involved in (Challenge Hero), displayed below them.

Once I clean the stats up will eventually post them for download.

PT4 Forum Support thread on Vs Hero Stats


Full Tilt Poker & PokerStars Stacked Previewer:

I edited this from the AHK forum to activate between Stars and FTP tables:

Stacked Table Previewer TwoPlusTwo Thread

SetTitleMatchMode, 2
GroupAdd, Poker, ahk_class QWidget,,,Full Tilt Poker
GroupAdd, poker, ahk_class PokerStarsTableFrameClass

Numpad4:: ; Next Window
WinGetClass, CurrentActive, A
WinGet, Instances, Count, ahk_class %CurrentActive%
If Instances > 1
 WinSet, Bottom,, A
WinActivate, ahk_group Poker,,YourPokerNameHere

Numpad5:: ; Previous Window
WinGetClass, CurrentActive, A
WinGet, Instances, Count, ahk_class %CurrentActive%
If Instances > 1
 WinActivateBottom, ahk_group Poker,,YourPokerNameHere
Use your Pokername in the exclude so you don't get the cashier / main lobby / Trny Lobby in the previews

You can quickly detect tables that you are sitting out from with the enlarged I'm Back button.


Stats to Help Identify Chip Bleeds in Your Game Using PT4 Graphs:

Download these PT4 Graph stats here:  Chip Bleeds PHD_$


I use the blind level size of 150 or more as late stage, and less than 150 as early stage.


Greater than 65 percent (AT vs A2, 66 vs A5)

Less than 35 percent  (T9 vs KT, 99 vs TT)

Coin flips between 35 and 65 percent (KJ vs A7, QT vs 33)

Helps to answer the questions (in BBs):

"Are your good hands holding up?"    /    "Are your weak hands getting lucky?"



Using solid bars as a font, here is the HUD in normal game play and when expanded (7 Font regular and 24 expanded were used here). Player names were only used in the Expand HUD popup:

Install Font:

Download the edited font here PHDTHIEFS-Font-zipped

Unzip it to a directory and the file MyFontphd22.ttf will be extracted. Open the directory c:/Windows/Fonts in a separate window. You have to copy the file over by DRAGGING the file to the Fonts directory (important).

Now you can start PT4 and go to the option of Edit Hud Profiles. Make a duplicate of the HUD you always use.

Select all of your stats
"you can highlight all of the stats in your group easily by clicking in the Group Items area on the Hud Editor and pressing ctrl+a. Then you can edit the font size for all stats at once"
and now select the option of Font in Item Properties.

In the list you will see a font called PHD_$_Thiefs and select it with the font size that you want.

Select APPLY and your HUD should look like the first image (make sure that you have selected it as the new HUD profile).

Create a Popup Group called Expand HUD and duplicate all of your stats. This time select all of the stats and increase the font size to a much larger number, as seen in image number two. The font type will be your normal font selection that you always use.

You can adjust the HUD font sizes until it suits your setup (mobile, multi-tabling, laptop). Create separate HUDs and popups for each.

You can use the number of color bars as an indicator of potential losing or winning plays, depending on how you create your color ranges.

Monday, November 5, 2012

PartyPoker Table Theme & Cards Mods with Paint.NET

You can edit some simple PartyPoker files with the free program Paint.NET v3.5.10 (download here: Paint.NET ) and take this basic PartyPoker Techno table theme from this:

To This:

What I did was edited the table layout to two tone grey, place a yellow rectangle across players that have folded, made the avatars solid black to read the tables easier, and colored all the aces yellow in the deck to make them easier to identify.

Here are the edited PartyPoker files and saved in their original directory:





Set the cards to actual size before editing the aces in Paint.NET v3.5.10 .

Paint.NET v3.5.10  is a very easy program to work with and you can customize the table theme to your liking. Here are additional images:

You can also do the same with the OpportunityAlerts1.jpeg file to alert you to premium cards, by turning your table felt red:

You can always reinstall PartyPoker software to restore your table themes to default if you run into problems.

Color Full Tilt Poker Notes / Holdem Manager / Poker Tracker

The following batch files (in following posts) can be used to color Full Tilt Poker notes exactly the same as PokerStars notes. 

 "With Full Tilt Poker notes, you have to manually import them into the xml file with notepad. Full Tilt Poker software cannot be running during the import in order to have the players colors / notes changes take affect."

The only difference is in the color batch file line that writes to the Full Tilt Poker XML file. Each color batch file must be edited as in the following example.

Here is the modified PS-0-Note.bat file for Holdem Manager:


for /f "tokens=1-2 delims=," %%a in (HM2-GOOD-Name-Players.txt) do (
 if /I %%b gtr "0.001" if /I %%b leq "0.1" echo ^<NOTE PlayerId= %%a ColourIx="0" Text="" /^>>>HM2STARS-READY-to-IMPORT.txt

Notice that

echo ^<NOTE PlayerId= %%a ColourIx="0" Text="" /^>>>HM2STARS-READY-to-IMPORT.txt

has been changed from

echo ^<note player= %%a label="0" ^>^</note^>>>HM2STARS-READY-to-IMPORT.txt

for the Full Tilt Poker Notes XML file.

Your Notes file is located in your installation directory where the Full Tilt Poker directory is located and the notes file is named after your player name (example: PHD_$_Thiefs.xml).

Full Tilt Poker has 14 different colors so you can edit the batch files to use colors from 0 - 13.

With larger sized Notes:

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Color PokerStars Notes with HM2 Holdem Manager PT4

I can color my PokerStars notes in 5 minutes compared to 4 hours with Notecaddy (even while you are playing online). These batch files can also be used in the original Holdem Manager, original Poker Tracker, or to bypass my custom PT4 filters and used with Poker Tracker 4 with minor modifications to the batch files (takes only about 10 minutes for the whole PT4 database).

There is no ZIP file to download. You can just copy / paste the following batch files posted into a notepad file and save / create your own Batch files.

Step 1 :

Create a report (Report.CSV) of all your players in the HM2 tourney database. Only select the player's name and VPIP stat as viewed in this image:

Step 2:

Run the batch file HM2-Color-PokerStars.bat (in the same directory as Report.CSV location) . Your directory will look like this after the batch file is run.

Step 3:

Follow older posts on how to import your HM2STARS-READY-to-IMPORT.txt into your PokerStars Notes Import (even while you are playing online). Make sure the imported XML file is the same color codes as your original Pokerstars Notes XML file.

You are Finished ! Update your notes any time based on VPIP. The batch files can be edited to include more variables then the VPIP stat.

Batch Files:

 You can just copy / paste the following batch files posted into a notepad file and save / create your own Batch files.

Poker Tracker creates an additional set of quotes for the VPIP variable for each player in the Report.csv file. Edit each PS-?-Note.bat file's quotes on the third line, for the variable %%b. The quotes are removed like this:


for /f "tokens=1-2 delims=," %%a in (HM2-GOOD-Name-Players.txt) do (
if /I %%b gtr "0.001" if /I %%b leq "0.1" echo ^<note player= %%a label="0" ^>^</note^>>>HM2STARS-READY-to-IMPORT.txt

The following  batch files contain the instructions for HM2.

Each Color batch file (0-6 label) is set as default that can be edited to your liking:

Color 0 = .01 - 10 %
Color 1 = 10 - 15 %
Color 2 = 15 - 20 %
Color 3 = 20 - 30 %
Color 4 = 30 - 40 %
Color 5 = 40 - 50 %
Color 6 = 50 - 99.9 %

This batch file (HM2-Color-PokerStars.bat) deletes previous batch executions, sorts bad player names, calls a batch file for each color label which appends all the color files into one for import.

The color batch files (PS-0-Note.bat) can all have their VPIP values edited by replacing the numbers in quotes to whatever you want. This is 10 - 15 % in PS-1-Note.bat (gtr "0.1" if /I "%%b" leq "0.15"). this can be edited to 15 - 25 % like this: (gtr "0.15" if /I "%%b" leq "0.25")

Make sure all color batch files are changed if the percentages are changed in the quotes, so that all percentages are covered.

Copy and paste the following batch files in notepad to create your own batch files (saved with same names). The batch file is expecting the txt files to be located on the c: drive, so edit the drive letter, copy to c: drive, or remove the drive letter, if needed:


Del HM2-BAD-Name-Players.txt
Del HM2-GOOD-Name-Players.txt
FINDSTR "< > \""" C:Report.csv>>HM2-BAD-Name-Players.txt
FINDSTR /V "< > \""" C:Report.csv>>HM2-GOOD-Name-Players.txt
call PS-0-Note.bat
call PS-1-Note.bat
call PS-2-Note.bat
call PS-3-Note.bat
call PS-4-Note.bat
call PS-5-Note.bat
call PS-6-Note.bat


for /f "tokens=1-2 delims=," %%a in (HM2-GOOD-Name-Players.txt) do (
if /I "%%b" gtr "0.001" if /I "%%b" leq "0.1" echo ^<note player= %%a label="0" ^>^</note^>>>HM2STARS-READY-to-IMPORT.txt


for /f "tokens=1-2 delims=," %%a in (HM2-GOOD-Name-Players.txt) do (
if /I "%%b" gtr "0.1" if /I "%%b" leq "0.15" echo ^<note player= %%a label="1" ^>^</note^>>>HM2STARS-READY-to-IMPORT.txt


for /f "tokens=1-2 delims=," %%a in (HM2-GOOD-Name-Players.txt) do (
if /I "%%b" gtr "0.15" if /I "%%b" leq "0.2" echo ^<note player= %%a label="2" ^>^</note^>>>HM2STARS-READY-to-IMPORT.txt


for /f "tokens=1-2 delims=," %%a in (HM2-GOOD-Name-Players.txt) do (
if /I "%%b" gtr "0.2" if /I "%%b" leq "0.3" echo ^<note player= %%a label="3" ^>^</note^>>>HM2STARS-READY-to-IMPORT.txt


for /f "tokens=1-2 delims=," %%a in (HM2-GOOD-Name-Players.txt) do (
if /I "%%b" gtr "0.3" if /I "%%b" leq "0.4" echo ^<note player= %%a label="4" ^>^</note^>>>HM2STARS-READY-to-IMPORT.txt


for /f "tokens=1-2 delims=," %%a in (HM2-GOOD-Name-Players.txt) do (
if /I "%%b" gtr "0.4" if /I "%%b" leq "0.5" echo ^<note player= %%a label="5" ^>^</note^>>>HM2STARS-READY-to-IMPORT.txt


for /f "tokens=1-2 delims=," %%a in (HM2-GOOD-Name-Players.txt) do (
if /I "%%b" gtr "0.5" if /I "%%b" leq "0.999" echo ^<note player= %%a label="6" ^>^</note^>>>HM2STARS-READY-to-IMPORT.txt

Monday, July 9, 2012

Color Your PokerStars Notes While Playing Online

Updated the PokerStars utility file, (download here Color-Stars, which requires only one batch file and one PT4 filter to color code all of your players in your database. The statistic is automatically included in the filter.

This file eliminates the need for the multiple batch files and PokerTracker filters in the previous post. The steps are greatly reduced, but the concept is the same.

You can color code players while you are playing against them, before / after sessions, or at breaks. It only takes a minute to update the players colors that you have played (or presently playing) against that day (other commercial products require that you be logged off Pokerstars).

Readme.txt file explains the purpose of each file and displays the lines of text in the filter and statistic, that gives you the ability to edit the VPIP settings for each color (see post below for color scheme).

I also use the PHD_&_Thiefs NOTE color to label all the players on the bubble or close to it, so I can follow their tables (Satellites & Tourneys).

The three PT4 filters are set up to color code your whole database (first time), within the last 7 days, or just played against "Today" (which is the fastest update). It took me over an hour to color 85K players the first time, but daily updates takes less then a minute.

Read the earlier post on how the color coding works, by only using batch files and PokerTracker filters

Step - 1:

If you can locate your PokerStars notes file (see post below), make a copy of it to another directory, and then open the file in Notepad++, you have just completed half the work involved.

Edit that Stars notes copy in Notepad++, by deleting all players names but one, or just creating a unique named player. Now Run Pokerstars and import your modified notes file (see post below) and search for the new player name you have just created.

Step - 2:

Now that you are familiar with PokerStars notes, simply import the filters into PT4 from your directory holding the extracted files.

Run the filter report and export the report results into the same directory in text called ReportExport.txt. Make sure that ALL DATES is the selected option in the Date menu, when you run your reports, to tabulate their LIFETIME stats of Today's players.

Step - 3:

Run the Create-Stars-Color-Labels batch file and it will create a file called PT4-Color-Labels.txt from your report that you exported (ReportExport.txt).

The batch file is expecting the txt files to be located on the c: drive, so edit the drive letter, copy to c: drive, or remove the drive letter, if needed

Open the file PT4-Color-Labels.txt in Notepad++ and copy the contents into your duplicate PokerStarsnotes.xml, that you already have loaded in Notepad++ (see post below). Save the file and import it into Pokerstars notes Import option.

Step - 4:

You can update your color notes anytime, and as many times that you want. I leave the files loaded in Notepad++ and just answer yes when Notepad++ asks to reload them.

After I save the notes xml copy and import it, I then select the option of UNDO to remove the previous players names and just copy and save the new players over it (from PT4-Color-Labels.txt).

Once you are comfortable importing and coloring, the option of coloring new players at your tables are done within a minute. You never have to manually color another player again (unless identifying bubble players), or log out of PokerStars to do it.

This is what your directory will look like after extracting the Color-Stars file.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Brock University @ Full Tilt Poker

When I originally started playing poker,  it was at  Full Tilt Poker with the name Brock University.

Took me only a few weeks to understand the concept of poker. I played the freerolls until I finally cashed in, and started to play the micro cash games, satellites, and small entry tourneys, to grow my bankroll.

I was a couple of months ahead of Team Full Tilt Poker Pro Chris Ferguson's 10k challenge, until some questionable incidents started to happen.

One of the last response's I received from FTP, was regarding unauthorized registrations:


"As stated in the previous we will be happy to offer you a credit of $350.00 as a good will gesture but unfortunately will not be able to offer a second amount of $350.00 for the 2nd tournament entry"


I told them to go "F" themselves.

That's when I left FTP and joined PokerStars.  Wasn't surprised by the downfall of FTP.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Color Code PokerStars Notes With PokerTracker 4

If you are familiar with PokerStars notes, notepad, and copying / renaming files, you may want to color your Stars notes using PT4 filters.

I can color 85,000 Tourney players in about 25 minutes, each color designated by PT4 filters:

- 19 minutes to create ALL Dates / PT4 players reports and export them in a text file
- 5 minutes for batch files to filter and label all the players
- 1 minute to import  new PokerStars notes into existing notes

The 7 Day PT4  Custom filter,  run anytime within the last 7 days, will allow you to update your PokerStars players notes in 11 minutes with recent play.

- 8 minutes to create Last 7 Days PT4 players reports and export them in a text file
- 2 minutes for batch files to filter and label all the players
- 1 minute to import new PokerStars notes into existing notes

Steps to Color Your PokerStars Notes:

1 - Download Notepad ++ free application & TUEJUN19-PT4STARS.ZIP. Create a directory called PT4STARS in your documents, and a library (if Windows 7) called PT4STARSLIB (Include the directory PT4STARS). Copy & extract the Zip file into this directory.

2 - Create PT4 Reports, with any of the PT4 filters available, for each color label that you require

3 - Run batch files to filter, sort, and label each player's color in your PT4 reports

4 - Import your new color notes into your PokerStars Notes xml file.

PT4 - PokerStars Notes Color Scheme Example:

Using PT4 Reports, this is my VPIP Color scheme for Tourneys / SNG's:

As of now, there is no commercial support for Poker Tracker 4 and coloring Stars notes. You can actually use this with any product (PT3) that that will export a players report in a text file, for Stars colors (ideal for table selection).

PokerStars Notes Import Problems:
Took me a bit, but I finally located the characters in poker players names that were stopping my imports into PokerStars Notes xml files. It's PokerStars players names that contain any of the three  following characters:  (", <, >).

"Herz.dame <3"    "J<<<1212>>>J"    "yamy "o""

Out of 85K players, I have only 59 players that were flagged / filtered.

A Quote ( " ) at the beginning or end of the player's name (which causes a double quote in the XML file and causes import errors). The greater or less then symbols (<, >) are used by the xml files (create format errors). The batch files included separate players names with the bad characters.

PokerTracker 4 Reports:
The exported PT4 Reports HAVE to be named in this format PT4-EXPORT-Label-0. Each color label 0-9 has a separate report in order for these batch files to work. I have provided batch support for up to 10 colors.

Here is an example of what your PT4 Filter Menu will look like:

PT4-EXPORT-Label-0 NIT = VPIP < 10 %
To create a PT4 report based on VPIP, you could designate label 0 as NIT with a VPIP of 0-10 %.

Add these Stats to your PT4 Report Filter to only display:
Player -  VPIP  -  Chips Won  -  Hands

The Expression Filter is edited for VPIP < =10 %.

You save the report, but name it PT4-EXPORT-Label-0 NIT = VPIP < 10 % (anything after the 0 to help you remember the report's intention). Report will automatically run.

Set the Date option to ALL Dates and run the report again (verify the stats). Duplicate this report.

With the duplicated report, remove the stats:
VPIP - Chips Won - Hands

Sort the report with names alphabetical (troubleshooting potential).

This time you will save it only as PT4-EXPORT-Label-0. Copy the name PT4-EXPORT-Label-0 and select Export the report to your PT4STARS directory as (Paste) PT4-EXPORT-Label-0.txt.

You now have two PT4 Reports in your PT4 Filter List:
PT4-EXPORT-Label-0  NIT-VPIP < 10 %

Check that both reports have the same number of players, where the second report (no stats) is used just to export the players names for the batch files.

You have to repeat this with each Label 0-9 (color) that you want to use. They will be automatically sorted in the PT4 menu list. Always copy and paste these names for filenames when exporting reports (after you have created your original ones), or you are doing something wrong.

The exception is if you have a set of filters for different games, like: HYPER, 6 Man, HU, or DON. Then you would have a directory for each game type and the filters would be named (if HYPERS):


When you export the PT4 filtered text file, you would drop the the game type and have a file name that was written for the batch files, but saved in it's own game type directory (PT4STARSHYPER).


Kraada / WhiteRider (PokerTracker 4 support), have created a filter that allows you to display all the players you have played against in the last 7 days, with their lifetime stats (PT4 Forum Topic.).
You need to create one filter for each color, and the "7 days" can be changed to any number that you prefer by editing the "7" in the PT4 filters:

interval '7 days'

You still need to save it in  PT4-EXPORT-Label-0 format for the batch files.

Download: Notepad ++
Download here  Notepad ++ which will allow you to easily copy / past / save XML files. It is just like Notepad, but with more features.

Download here the TUEJUN19-PT4STARS.ZIP file and copy it to the PT4STARS directory, which include the batch files and two xml files.

This is your new directory PT4STARS with extracted files:

PT4STARS-Filter-AND-Write XML-Labels.bat:
REM *** This batch file uses the DOS FINDSTR command to remove all POKERSTARS players REM *** names that contain any of the three following characters:  ( ", <, >)
REM *** A Quote at the beginning or end of the player name (which causes a double quote
REM *** to the XML file and causes errors), and the greater or less then
REM *** symbols (which are used by the xml files and cause errors).
REM *** The (echo "-Label-1") is used as a  troubleshooting marker if any fail to appear in the final
REM *** PokerStars Notes file.
REM *** Bad player names are separated into one file with each color label included.
REM *** Here are some examples of bad names:  ""Lex"_expert"      "$<Hada-Tum>$" 

The GOOD players are written in each (PT4-Export-Label-4-Filtered-GOOD.txt) file for each color:

REM *** Each batch file (0-9) is run with the start command to allow simultaneous creation of
REM *** import files for each color label.
REM *** Each PT4 export file that has been filtered for valid player names (XML Friendly), will
REM *** then have the added xml code to designate it the proper color for PokerStars Notes.
REM *** They are then saved in a import file for that specific color label
REM *** (example: PT4STARS-Label-3-IMPORT.txt).
REM *** Each batch file is in this format:
for /f "tokens=*" %%a in (PT4-Export-Label-4-Filtered-GOOD.txt) do (
echo ^<note player= %%a label="4" ^>^</note^>>>PT4STARS-Label-4-IMPORT.txt

These are the same players as previous image except the XML color labels have been added:

REM *** This batch file will take all the IMPORT files and combine into one file called

REM *** Open the PT4Stars-XML-IMPORT.xml in notepad ++.
REM *** Open PT4Stars-READY-to-IMPORT.txt in notepad ++

PT4Stars-READY-to-IMPORT.txt in Notepad ++:

In Notepad++, you will Select All in the file PT4STARS-READY-to-IMPORT.txt and Copy / Paste it in PT4Stars-XML-IMPORT.xml file

In the image below, you can paste the text at line 16 or overwrite line 15. The file is saved and then imported in PLAYERS NOTES option of IMPORT NOTES. The color scheme (line 15), MUST be identical throughout the file (for each player), as it indicates each variable field within the XML file. It's useful in detecting missing or bad lines in your file.

This is the PT4Stars-XML-IMPORT.xml file imported in Notepad ++:

Do NOT overwrite the last line when copying / pasting which is </notes> since this ends the xml file.

Is the notes file that you can rename to your own notes xml file. It has 10 colors and is a duplicate  of the PT4Stars-XML-IMPORT.xml file. You can also create your own notes settings by renaming your notes to old and logging into PokerStars without any notes.xml file. Pokerstars will create the default one for you after you ADD any player and exit Pokerstars. You can log back in and edit the colors & labels that you prefer. Copy and rename it PT4Stars-XML-IMPORT.xml  for the imports.

Backing Up Your Notes & Changing Notes Directory Location:
If you are not sure where your notes are, go into Stars menu option PLAYERS NOTES and a popup box will have FILE LOCATION Button. That is where your notes file is presently stored. Your file is named in this format: "notes.YOURPLAYERNAME.xml".

This is the PokerStars PLAYERS NOTES option:

Exit out of Pokerstars, and make backup copies of this file. Also rename the existing file to "Backupnotes.YOURPLAYERNAME.xml". You will now log back into Stars and go back into menu option PLAYERS NOTES and select the FILE LOCATION Button again, but this time select the newly created PT4STARS directory in your documents as the new location.

Exit out of Pokerstars, and you should see in the PT4STARS directory a new "notes.YOURPLAYERNAME.xml" file. Rename it as"Backupnotes.YOURPLAYERNAME.xml", and rename  "notes.PHD_$_Thiefs.xml" to "notes.YOURPLAYERNAME.xml". This xml file now has the 10 predefined colors and labels as displayed in the previous image

First Attempt to Color PokerStars Notes with PT4:
Only create one color report and for only a few players to test out your setup. You can run the batch files individually if you are not getting the expected results.

Here is a directory of what PT4STARS directory will look like after running the batch files:

You could create separate reports for Cash games by selecting the "export your saved reports for cash" option. You can create a separate library/directory for Cash, with a copy of all the batch files.

You can start creating your filters, running your batch files labels, and update your players notes towards the end of your last game / session, completed in 11 minutes.

If you have duplicate player's name in your import file, the last one in your list will have that color.

XML Imports through Stars PLAYERS NOTES option will only overwrite colors and append written notes to players that I tested. It was limited in testing, so backup and verify that your written notes are intact.

 PT4Stars-XML-IMPORT.xml   MUST have been duplicated from your present
"notes.YOURPLAYERNAME.xml" file WITHOUT any modified / additional Colors / Label Name changes. If you changed you original notes.xml, then recreate the PT4Stars-XML-IMPORTxml file.

When you import a notes file, check the first and last player to see if they are all included . Also
the "-Label-0-9" players will be added for every color and should be in your notes.

Some batch files may  be expecting the txt files to be located on the c: drive, so edit the drive letter, copy to c: drive, or remove the drive letter, if needed.

My goal was to make something quick, easy, and WORKING !